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Want A Candy Factory?

A guy named David Klein is the founder of Jelly Belly jelly beans.  He’s getting ready to retire.  So he’s giving away one of his candy factories . . . Willy Wonka style.   Here’s how the contest works.  He’s gone to all 50 states and hidden a special necklace in each state.  For $50 at TheGoldTicket.com, you can get a ticket to a scavenger hunt for the necklace in your state…And if you find it, you get $5,000 . . . plus you’re entered in the grand prize drawing, where one of the 50 winners will get the candy factory.   (Then again, he’s selling 1,000 tickets for each treasure hunt . . . so that’s $45,000 profit per state after the $5,000 prize.  All added up, that’s a total of $2.25 million.  I’m sure the candy factory costs more than that . . . but that cash softens the blow.)