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Want An Original Warhol For Just $250?!

How much would you pay for an ANDY WARHOL artwork?  If you said $250, we have GREAT news for you . . . if you’re willing to play it fast and loose with AUTHENTICITY.

An art collective in New York recently bought an original Andy Warhol drawing for $20,000.  And now, they’re going to sell it to one lucky person for $250.

But there’s a BIG catch.  They’re offering it alongside 999 other works, which are high-quality FORGERIES.  Each of them were “drawn” with a robotic arm, and put through a process to artificially age the paper.

The fakes are so good that even their creators can’t tell them apart.  Seriously.  They’ve mixed them together . . . and now NO ONE knows which one is real.

The original is called Fairies, and each of the 1,000 “works” they’re selling are called “Possibly Real Copy of ‘Fairies’ by Andy Warhol”.  If they sell all 1,000, that’s $250,000 . . . a massive profit over their $20K investment.

They say the stunt isn’t about the money though . . . it’s meant to make a point about valuing authenticity over the art itself.