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Want To Calm Your Dog On A Road Trip? Here’s Your Soundtrack!

Two-in-three dog owners say their dog gets stressed when riding in the car.

According to a new study, giving your dog control of the TUNES can help their demeanor.  But be warned:  Experts say dogs generally prefer reggae and soft rock.  They tend to dislike rock ‘n’ roll and songs that include WHISTLING.

Here are the Top 10 “calming songs” to keep your dog chill while traveling:


1.  “How Deep Is Your Love”Bee Gees

2.  “No Woman, No Cry”Bob Marley

3.  “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You”Bryan Adams

4.  “I Want to Know What Love Is”Foreigner

5.  “The Dark Side of the Moon”Pink Floyd

6.  “One in Ten”UB40

7.  “Hounds of Love”Kate Bush . . . Although if your dog starts levitating, they might be in the clutches of Vecna, so you might want to try “Running Up That Hill”.  (???)

8.  “Desperado”The Eagles

9.  “Many Rivers to Cross”Jimmy Cliff

10.  “Your Love Is King”Sade


The WORST song you can play?  Ironically, it’s a song with DOG in the title.  Here are the five worst to play:


1.  “Black Dog” by Led Zeppelin

2.  “Back in Black”AC/DC

3.  “Paranoid”Black Sabbath

4.  “Chop Suey!”System of a Down

5.  “Duality”Slipknot