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Want To Tour The Titanic Wreckage?

Bill is in,  but Jennifer will watch from above!  You can now sign up to tour the Titanic shipwreck in a mini-submarine for the low price of $125,000 per person. In May, tourists with deep pockets will have the opportunity to visit the most notorious shipwreck of all time.   “All the bones are gone. There are no bodies down there. There are boots and shoes and clothes that show where people were 100 years ago, and that is very somber,” Stockton Rush, president of undersea exploration company OceanGate Expeditions, told Bloomberg of the RMS Titanic’s submerged wreck.  Rush’s upcoming Titanic dives — the first in 15 years — have both the goals of being research missions (to better examine sea life around the ship’s remains and create a 3-D model of its debris) and making money: A ticket to be one of a dive’s 9-“mission specialists” costs $125,000.  Three dozen people have already booked seats on the upcoming dives, approximately half of whom have also purchased $250,000 tickets to become space tourists via Virgin Galactic. This leaves only a handful of spaces available for next year’s dives, although Rush hopes to make the expeditions an annual offering.