Warren Beatty Is Dick Tracy Again

Dick Tracy is back.
Turner Movie Classics aired a mysterious new program called “Dick Tracy Special: Tracy Zooms In,” which features Warren Beatty playing the detective from his 1990 film of the same name.
Tracy wore his signature yellow coat and hat on a Zoom call with TCM hosts Ben Mankiewicz and Leonard Maltin to give an update on his life and express his displeasure with Beatty’s film. (Dick Tracy is a real person who exists separately from the film “Dick Tracy” and just looks identical to the actor who played him in the film.)
Beatty then joins the call as himself, where he eventually reconciles with Tracy and they agree to have a more collaborative relationship in the event Beatty makes a sequel.
The special got no social media promotion and many fans began to speculate that the show was produced as a way for Beatty to retain the legal rights to the character.
Sources later confirmed to IndieWire that Beatty approached TCM about making the second special, possibly due to the rights nearing expiration.
Would you like to see Beatty make another Dick Tracy?
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