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Was Jerry Seinfeld’s Apartment Layout Not Physically Possible?

You might have seen this floating around online:  People are freaking out about Jerry’s apartment on “Seinfeld” and its IMPOSSIBLE layout. You kind of have to see the image to get it, but the apartment is not square.  The entrance is on an angled wall, that cuts in between the bathroom and the kitchen. The hallway is always shown as a straight corridor, which could NOT be the case because Jerry’s kitchen is positioned where the hallway would be. Now, some people say that it MIGHT still work, if there was a sharp turn in the hallway just outside of Jerry’s door.  But that’s not the case.  In multiple episodes, it’s clear that it’s meant to be a long, straight hallway.  (Here’s one scene.) Of course, “Seinfeld” was filmed on a set and the apartment doesn’t connect to a hallway at all.  And they just made the doorway angled like that so you could clearly see people entering and leaving, since that was a big part of the show.  


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