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Watch Michael Bublé almost get arrested in new ad for Bubly sparkling water

Courtesy of PepsiCo

Courtesy of PepsiCoLast year, Michael Bublé made a big splash with a Super Bowl commercial for Bubly, PepsiCo’s brand of flavored sparkling water. Now, he’s back for yet another spot for the beverage that once again plays on the fact that he thinks it should be pronounced like his last name.

In the new ad, a crowd of spectators and police officers are crowded around, looking up at a Bubly billboard, on which Michael is standing and spray-painting an accented “e” — the same one in his last name — over the “y” in Bubly.

“Michael, you’re a singer! Bubly is a sparkling water!” says the police officer. Unfortunately, she accidentally pronounces it as “Bublé” — which is just what Michael wants.

“It sure is!” he says, as he continues to spray paint the billboard.

“Show’s over, Bublé!” warns the officer, shining a flashlight on the singer.

“Am I on?” asks Michael.

The spot ends with Michael’s voice saying, “Bublé sparkling water. Crack a smile.”

The ad concept also carries over to the website, where you can learn how to enter a sweepstakes for the possibility to win weekly prizes.  

Sticking with Michael as a spokesperson makes sense for the company. Bubly’s VP of marketing tells MediaPost that after Michael’s ad aired last year, “Our awareness went up 41%, and sales dramatically increased after that.”

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