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Watch Out For That Gator

Here’s what happened when three women floating down a river on inflatable tubes came dangerously close to an alligator perched on a log.  (This was on Florida’s Ichetucknee River.  (Pronounced:  Itch-a-tuck-knee.)   3-women floating down the Ichetucknee River on inflatable tubes near Fort White had a close encounter with an alligator. It happened on May 5th. Video shared to TikTok by Carole Chapuis shows her friend drift into a log which the alligator is perched on. “It’s hissing at her!” Chapuis says in the video. The woman then kicks off the log and moves away from the animal. “I’ve never seen a gator on the Ichetucknee ever!” the woman says. Chapuis told Storyful that she believed the animal was protecting its nest. “Alligators normally go into the water when approached to get away from humans,” she said. “Chances are she was a mama gator protecting her nest that was close to her somewhere.