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Watch Styx's Tommy Shaw perform "Foolin' Yourself" virtually with Contemporary Youth Orchestra

Credit: Jason Powell

Styx‘s Tommy Shaw has teamed up remotely with the members of the Cleveland-based Contemporary Youth Orchestra for a special video performance of his band’s classic 1977 tune “Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)” that premiered today on the veteran rockers’ official YouTube channel.

The debut of the clip coincides with the 43rd anniversary of the release of Styx’s smash album The Grand Illusion, which includes the Shaw-penned “Fooling Yourself.” The video features 88 members of the orchestra, whose ages span from 12 to 18, along with CYO musical director Liza Grossman and Shaw, performing their parts separately from their respective homes.

Shaw contributes lead vocals and acoustic guitar, recorded at his home in Nashville, to the performance. Tommy says he was invited by Grossman to take part in the project, which marked the first time that the orchestra performed together, albeit virtually, since the COVID-10 pandemic hit the U.S.

“Everyone, including me, sent in cell phone videos of themselves playing and singing our parts,” Shaw explains. “Detroit Producer, the immensely talented Michael Bradford…heard about it and offered his services in post producing this massive musical event. I have been blown away during this process as it developed into what you’ll see and hear.”

Grossman, meanwhile, notes that the lyrics of “Fooling Yourself” are “[i]ncredible words of inspiration during this time in our world. Perfect for young musicians to play and portray as a message of hope and positivity to the masses.”

Shaw has previously collaborated with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra in concert, both with Styx and as a solo artist.

The video is being presented in conjunction with Styx’s new partnership with Bitchin’ Sauce, a vegan, gluten-free almond dip.

By Matt Friedlander
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