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Watch surreal animated official video for Redbone's classic hit "Come and Get Your Love"

Courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment

The first-ever official music video for the 1974 Redbone hit “Come and Get Your Love” premiered today on the band’s official YouTube channel.

“Come and Get Your Love” peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 back in ’74, making Redbone the first Native American band to reach the top five of the chart.

The animated video, which utilizes archival photos and new artwork, follows a Native American character on a mind-bending journey across the Earth and into outer space while mixing real-life landscapes and surreal images like flying saucers and Bigfoot.

The clip was created by Mexican-born producer and director Juan E Bedolla and Native American artist Brent Learned.

Explaining the significance of the mystical figure at the center of the video, Learned says, “This is a commentary on an overarching idea repeated throughout the video, that of seeking our love/interests in all the wrong places, when often times they are right in front of us; if only we’re willing to look.”

Redbone bassist Pat Vegas, who’s the only original member of the band that still plays with the group, says of the song, “We wanted to show that our people were about love…The chorus — ‘Come and get your love’ — is about pure love, without all the overthinking and trendy phrases.”

Regarding the video, Vegas notes, “This visual really takes you on a journey and reminds us that the sky’s not the limit, it’s only the view. It’s something to help the young understand the old, one is silver the other gold, both are valuable.”

“Come and Get Your Love” was introduced to a new audience when it was featured on the soundtrack to the popular 2014 Marvel superhero film Guardians of the Galaxy.

By Matt Friedlander
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