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Watch This Kia Go Airborne

A wild crash on a California freeway was captured on video last week showing a car flip through the air after it struck a tire that popped off a pickup truck and was sent airborne.  The accident happened Thursday on the Ronald Reagan Freeway in Chatsworth neighborhood of Los Angeles. Anoop Khatra was driving behind a dark-colored Kia Soul in the left lane when her dashcam recorded the heart-pounding moment.   A white pickup truck was driving in the lane adjacent to the Kia when the pickup’s front-left tire popped loose and shot out in front of the Kia, according to the video.  The Kia struck the tire and was launched several feet off the roadway, the video showed. The vehicle flipped in the air before landing on its roof and rolling several times.    The car eventually landed right-side-up as the stray tire continued to roll and strike the rear of the vehicle.  Meanwhile, the pickup truck rolled across the freeway to the right shoulder and appeared to come to a stop.  The California Highway Patrol told KABC-TV that the Kia driver suffered minor injuries.   The agency said the pickup truck’s tire came loose due to what appeared to be sheared-off lug nuts.