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Oh a fight is brewing in…the frying pan?  I love when celebs fight with cartoons….

IGGY AZALEA and the cartoon character PEPPA PIG got into a little Twitter war after they realized they’re both releasing albums that came out today. Iggy’s “In My Defense”, Peppa’s “Bing Bong Zoo”.  Someone suggested they should get together and do a song and Iggy tweeted “Collab with me now or you’ll end up a breakfast special peppa.” 

TOP GUN: Maverick the trailer came out yesterday!!! Tom Cruise showed up yesterday to Comic Con unannounced and surprised everyone with the FIRST viewing!
Someone ran into Jon Hamm the other day who is co-starring along with Tom and Val Kilmer and he said they are doing things in this movie that have never been done before with technology and said how much is actually real with the guys flying the planes and doing tricks AND it’s being filmed in 6K! The original Top Gun came out 34 years ago – 1986.
And another TV Show is making a revival – Nash Bridges with….DON JOHNSON!!  
This ended back in 2001 with a 6 season run right here on CBS12, but will pick back up in present day San Francisco.  Don is 69 years old and going back to work!  This is going to kick off with a 2 hour show on USA, but who knows, maybe more will come!
Will Cheech Marin join him!? We can only hope!