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We Live Among Good Samaritans

A group of Good Samaritans jumped into action to help a woman who suffered a medical episode at a busy Boynton Beach intersection last week, police said.  The incident occurred at Woolbright Road and Congress Avenue on May 5. A video distributed by the Boynton Beach Police Department shows the driver’s car slowly entering the intersection at Congress Avenue.  Police said her co-worker was in another car and saw her slumped over the steering wheel.  The woman’s co-worker raced across the street, waving her arms to get the attention of other drivers. Several people got out of their vehicles and worked together to stop the driver’s car, which was still moving through the bustling intersection. One of the heroes was U.S. Army. Staff Sergeant Juan Chavez.  After the group manages to stop the car, Chavez heads back to his car to grab a tool to break one of the driver’s car windows.    “We couldn’t get the window open, you can see in the video someone tried to punch it out but I had a tool in my car to break windows,” Chavez explained. Police said one woman grabbed a dumbbell from her car, and a man used it to smash the rear passenger’s side window.  The heroes pushed the car into a nearby 7-Eleven parking lot where a nurse who was on the phone with 911 provided medical attention until the fire department arrived…Police say the woman is doing better after the scary incident.