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What IS Legal..But FEELS Illegal?

People have talked about things that SHOULD be illegal that aren’t . . . but what about things that FEEL strangely “illegal” or wrong, even though they are just normal, everyday things?

There’s a thread online where people are suggesting this stuff . . . and you may relate.  Here are a few highlights:

1.  “Walking through a store and leaving without buying anything.  I always imagine I’m about to be tackled on the way out.”

2.  “Walking into a restaurant, changing your mind, and walking back out.”

3.  “Owning a flamethrower.”  (Which actually are illegal in two states . . . they’re banned in Maryland and require a permit in California.)

4.  “Passing a police car on the highway, even if you’re going the speed limit.”  And another person said, “Being around a cop in general.”

5.  “Breaking up banana bunches at the grocery store to get the exact number of bananas you want.”

6.  “Holding eye contact with a stranger.”

7.  “Making a cup of coffee inside . . . putting it in a ceramic mug . . . and walking around outside drinking from it.  It’s not a travel mug, there’s no lid.  It FELT illegal for some reason.”

8.  “Telling your barber that you don’t like the haircut.”

9.  “Pulling out a notepad and taking notes about various aspects of a store, or merchandise.  That usually attracts a staff person who asks if I need assistance.”

10.  “Putting my phone in my pocket when I’m at the store . . . or opening my backpack in the store to drink from my own water bottle.”