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What Kind Of Craft Room Does Katy Perry Have To Make All These Costumes?!

Orrrrrrrrrrrrr is she ordering them on Amazon.com…..if so, I totally want them!

Katy Perry amused fans as she appeared as a giant roll of toilet paper for American Idol on Sunday night. “I just wanted to make sure everyone had enough toilet paper at their houses,” Perry said.

Luke Bryan asked Perry “what ply” she was, either three-ply or “the stuff you get when you go in a camper.” Although Perry didn’t answer, she decided to ditch the roll early in the show and said she would send it to Luke, “who could use it.”

The top 10 was announced during Sunday night’s episode, with one contestant being “saved” by the judges, Makayla Phillips was able to move on making it the American Idol Top 11.

Perry teased the toilet paper costume prior to the airing of the show, she explained she wouldn’t wear it the whole time so she could show her physical reactions during judging.

What did you think of Katy Perry’s toilet paper costume? What should Perry dress like next?