What's that "You Say?" Lauren Daigle's album sets all-time "Billboard" chart record

ABC/Eric McCandless

ABC/Eric McCandless

Lauren Daigle's album Look Up Child, featuring her smash "You Say," won her two Grammy Awards earlier this year, and now it's set the all-time record for weeks at #1 on Billboard's Christian albums chart, with 39.

Lauren says Look Up Child was born out of a very low point in her life, when she realized that she just wasn't having fun anymore.

"When I was in, I guess, my third or fourth year of touring, I remember just feeling so overwhelmed by everything, that even this simple pure joyful things were just overwhelming," she tells ABC Radio. "I couldn't get a grip.  And I went to a friend and he said, 'Oh, you've lost touch with your childhood self.'"

Lauren says making the album was her way of recapturing the innocence and joy of childhood.  She recalled her friend telling her, "You need to look at all of these really heavy things through the eyes of an 8-year-old. How would they take it on?"

"It just completely shifted my mindset," Lauren recalls. "You give a lollipop to a little kid and it's as if they're going to Disney World. It's the biggest thing, right? And so I think just kind of getting back in touch with that nature was really, really important."

Look Up Child first came out in September of 2018, debuting at #1 on the Christian Albums chart and #3 on the all-genre Billboard 200.  "You Say," meanwhile, has been #1 on the Hot Christian Songs chart for 51 weeks, which isn't a record, yet.  To break that record, the song would have to remain at #1 for 11 more weeks.

"You Say" has also reached the top 10 on several other Billboard charts, including Adult Contemporary and Adult Top 40.

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