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CBS 12’s Teri Hornstein and I are OBSESSED with the Netflix documentary on the failed Fyre Festival!  Have you seen it?  We discuss!
It’s about the amazing music festival that never happened, huge things were promised, nothing was delivered.  It was a mess and the guy who planned it/scammed it – Billy McFarland – went to jail!

Well one of the “good guys” from the show who was trying to make things right and was going to really take one for the team so the guest could have water….Andy King might be getting his own show!  It would be about him being a promoter and following him across the globe planning and hosting events.
My Best Friends Wedding…..One of the greatest movies EVER with Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Rupert Everett and Dermot Mulroney!!  Filmed 22 years ago in 1997 and they alllll got together for a photo shoot!  How can Julia and Cameron not have aged at all?!
They got together for the Entertainment Weekly Romantic Comedy Issue on new stands now!  Could this spark a NEW movie from the dream team?!
In other movie news – EVERYONE is excited about Toy Story 4!!!  Except PETA. They just seem to look for anything to have a problem with.  This time Bo Peep is their sights…the beloved, sweet sheep wrangler!
In the trailer we saw during the Super Bowl, PETA says that her sheperd’s crook promotes exploiting gentle sheep for their wool. 
They also recently got mad at Little Debbie….for their cream filled cakes.
And they were mad about Big Boi’s coat at the Super Bowl.