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When You Say I Do, But You Don’t

Is this tacky or totally fair?  A couple from Chicago named Doug and Dedra Simmons recently had a destination wedding in Jamaica.  And one couple who RSVP’d didn’t show up.  So Doug and Dedra charged them for no-showing.   They say the couple told them four different times that they were coming, and never called to cancel.  So they sent them an invoice for $240 . . . $120 for each seat at the reception that they left empty.  Bill says he’d have no problem charging a couple, while Jen’s on the fence. And the reactions online are mixed.  Some people say it’s totally fair to charge them since the bride and groom had to pay upfront for them to be there.  Other people think it’s petty.  Doug and Dedra say it’s not about the money though.  They just think it was disrespectful. What do you think?