Where Does Florida Rank On The List Of Worst Roads In America?

We’ve all complained about the quality of the roads and how our state neglects to repair them.

But based on a recent report you may actually live in a state that does a good job at repairing their roads. Or if you’re not so lucky you may live in a state that doesn’t.

Transportation of America just released their “Repair Priorities 2019” report, which lists the states with the worst roads.

Coming in first place is Rhode Island followed by California, Hawaii, Connecticut, New Jersey, Oklahoma, New Mexico, West Virginia, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and lastly Washington.

Great news!  We’re not even in the top 12!  Gooooooo Florida!

If you don’t live in one of these states will it make you complain less? If you do live in one of these states, are you shocked it made the list?