Where Is Wally?

Wally is the nation’s latest trender!  After being stranded overnight on a ledge of a downtown St. Paul office building, a raccoon spent yesterday  climbing 22 stories to fame and notoriety, before stopping for a nap and, much later, descending a few floors. Several downtown Twitter users snapped photos of the raccoon stranded on a second-story ledge by the Seventh Street skyway in Minnesota.  Late yesterday morning, maintenance employees of St. Paul’s Town Square building tried to tempt the raccoon down with a long pole, but the critter was having none of it. Instead, it hopped over to the UBS Plaza next door, and began climbing. And climbing.  Amid hundreds of photos and retweets from fascinated and frightened pedestrians, the raccoon finally came to a stop on the ledge of a swanky 22nd-floor office — just one floor below the top. The windows there don’t open, according to office employees who asked not to be named. On the street below, an onlooker thought “Wally” would make a good name for the overly ambitious mammal, though Minnesota Public Radio employees — who work across the street — promptly dubbed it “#MPRracoon.”  Laurie Brickley, spokeswoman for the city’s Department of Safety & Inspections, which oversees animal control, said they set a live trap with food in it at the top of the building. They fear anything more could endanger it.  The raccoon began climbing about 11 a.m. As of 11 last night,  it had descended to a window ledge on the 17th floor. UPDATE: Wally is now on the roof!!



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