Who DARES Yell At Tina Turner??! Elton John Said He Did In His New Memoire “Me: Elton John”.

Elton John’s new biography, ME: Elton John isn’t even out yet and all the juicy details are being released.

John writes about his blowup with Tina Turner while on tour, “I got off the phone and burst into tears,” says John ‘She sounded like my f*****g mother.”

Tour life quickly became unbearable with Tina allegedly being rude to Elton’s band and suggesting clothes that would make him look, “less fat.”

The last straw was an argument over whether John could play “Proud Mary,” he told Turner to” stick her song up her arse!” Eventually, Elton and Tina parted ways amicably,  and years later had dinner at Elton’s home.

What is the worst blow up you’ve had with your co-worker?