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Who Is The Creepiest Child From A Horror Film?

Who’s the creepiest kid in a horror movie?   Bill thinks Damien from “The Omen,” is he creepiest, while Jennifer is going with Regan from “The Exorcists.” We guess Chucky didn’t make the list because he’s a doll!  What child character would you pick?  Here’s a list of the top 10 from “The Wrap:”

  1. Damien, “The Omen” . . . “Damien is quite literally the son of Satan . . . [he] acts in mysterious ways, with much of the terror coming from the way in which people react to him.”
  2. Regan, “The Exorcist” . . . “Although Linda Blair, who was only 14 at the time of filming, certainly deserves her props . . . the unsung heroes behind this character are voice actor Mercedes McCambridge and makeup artist Dick Smith.”
  3. Samara, “The Ring” . . . “Pure nightmare fuel . . . with her long stringy hair, terrifying grimace, and fondness of creepy old wells.”
  4. The Grady Twins, “The Shining” . . . “Maybe it’s the girls’ monotone delivery . . . maybe it’s the shot’s creepy composition . . . either way, this is a classic horror scene for a reason.”
  5. Esther, “Orphan” . . .
  6. Mercy and Jonas, “The Witch” . . . “Their playful taunting, even as older brother Caleb is at death’s door, is downright chilling.”
  7. Isaac, “Children of the Corn” . . . “The unofficial mayor leading the miniature citizens in ritualistic slayings of adults.
  8. Adrian, “Rosemary’s Baby” . . . “We never see the Rosemary’s baby, which makes the hold the devil’s spawn has on both its mother and viewers all the more impressive.”
  9. Rhoda, “The Bad Seed” . . . “An 8-year-old serial killer who hides her rage with a facade of pigtail precociousness.”
  10. Charlie, “Hereditary” . . . “The troubled teen trope with a sense of otherworldly dread . . . thousand-yard stares and periodic tongue-clicking.”