Who Topped The 2019 Album Sales List?

It’s good to be Queen; the band earned more money from album sales than any other musical act in 2019, according to Billboard’s Money Makers list.  60% of the band’s overall revenue in 2019 came from Queen’s extensive music catalog, earning over $20 million in artist royalties. Metallica sold some albums in 2019, too.  The band’s catalog earned them $8.4 million in artist and publishing royalties. While both Queen and Metallica sold plenty of recorded music, they couldn’t out-earn the Rolling Stones.  Mick Jagger and company were number one on Billboard’s Money Makers list for 2019, earning $65 million.  Over $60 million of that alone came from touring. Why do you think Queen’s music continues to sell so well decades after the death of frontman Freddie Mercury?  When do you think the Rolling Stones will retire from the road?