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Who’s Better: The Beatles Or The Rolling Stones?

The age old question is back….who’s the better band, The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? Does longevity make a band better than another?  Mick Jagger was asked about Paul McCartney’s recent comments that The Beatles are better than the Rolling Stones.  Here’s why he believes the Stones are the better group.  In a recent interview,   McCartney said, quote, “The Rolling Stones are rooted in the blues.  When they are writing stuff, it has to do with the blues.  We had a little more influences.   “There’s a lot of differences, and I love the Stones, but . . . the Beatles were better.”  Well, Mick sat down for an interview a few days ago, and when the reporter told him what Paul said, he laughed  and replied, quote, “There’s obviously no competition.”