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Why Michael Buble has sworn off social media — for life

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Evaan Kheraj

Evaan KherajMichael Buble has an Instagram account and a Twitter account, but don’t expect him to see your comments or replies: He doesn’t look at them and, he swears, never will again.

Michael, who’s on his first full-fledged Australian tour in six years, tells the Sydney Daily Telegraph that he’s given up social media for life, and refuses to read anything about himself online.

“Never again,” he tells the paper. “I just think for me, I let my insecurity get the best of me because I wasn’t the guy that could read a review and be okay with it. I would end up calling the person. It’s just better for me, more healthy.”

Part of that decision, Michael says, came following his son Noah‘s cancer diagnosis four years ago.  The six-year-old is now healthy, but Michael says the experience turned him into “a different human being.”

“A lot of it was a philosophical change of really trying to choose to just be in the moment and to, like, wake up in the morning and to check myself and go, ‘Hey dude, you are a lucky man. Go out there and show your kids with your actions,'” he explains. “Because most of my life was spent being a narcissistic d**k.”

These days, the “Everything” crooner says, “I am grateful. I genuinely appreciate people so much. I am completely liberated as a human, as an artist, as an entertainer.”

“I have been through the worst thing that could happen to you,” Michael adds. “And now I sing karaoke for money and I am out there laughing and crying and dancing and I love every second.”

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