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Why We Have HOA’s

You may be able to get a good deal on the home!  They say art is objective, but some in one Naples neighborhood say there’s nothing objective about how one man painted his half-million-dollar home into a colorful eyesore.   The home in question is located in the Il Regalo communityin Naples, a gated community lined with expensive homes that appear uniform, except for one.   The house was owned by 40-year-old Jeffery Liebman. Neighbors said Liebman spent a week slathering paint of every color on his home, yard, and vehicle in his driveway. Liebman is running into legal trouble because of the paint job — he’s being sued by the Il Regalo Homeowners Association.    Liebman no longer lives in the home, and it’s currently for sale.  Collier County Code Enforcement said although the home is violating some county codes, they won’t be issuing the homeowner any citations because that could slow down the process of selling the home.