With graphic new video, Madonna makes powerful gun control statement

Jonas Åkerlund/Interscope/Live Nation/Maverick

Jonas Åkerlund/Interscope/Live Nation/MaverickIn a recent interview, Madonna said that if she were president, the first thing she'd do is enact gun control legislation.  She underlines her feelings on that topic in her new video for the song "God Control," from her #1 album Madame X.

"This is your wake up call. Gun violence disproportionately affects children, teenagers and the marginalized in our communities," she writes on Instagram. "Honor the victims and demand GUN CONTROL. NOW. Volunteer, stand up, donate, reach out. Wake up and insist on common-sense gun safety legislation."

In an official statement, the Queen of Pop notes, "I want to draw attention through my platform as an artist to a problem in America that is out of control and is taking the lives of innocent people. This crisis can end if our legislators act to change the laws that fail to protect us all."

The clip starts with a warning that it depicts graphic gun violence, and it does.  We see a story told in reverse: Glamorous patrons partying in a nightclub, including Madonna herself, are systematically gunned down by a rifle-wielding assailant. We travel back in time to when Madonna arrives at the club, back to when she's en route to the club and gets mugged, back to her getting ready for a night out.

Those scenes are intercut with scenes of a severe-looking, brunette, glasses-wearing Madonna, sitting alone in an empty room and typing out the lyrics of the song.  She types, throws the lyrics away and starts again, over and over, while becoming more and more upset.

Madonna invites fans to join her in supporting organizations that are working for common-sense gun safety legislation, such as March for Our Lives, Sandy Hook Promise Foundation and Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund.

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