Wondering Why Madonna Is Wearing That Eye Patch? Me Too! And Now We Know!

Madonna is giving a peek into her newest personality, “Madame X.”  Her Madame X Tour is coming to Miami in December!  I can’t wait!

In a recent interview the music icon, who’s been wearing an “X” eye patch, said Madame X is a “spy. She’s a secret agent. She travels the world. She changes her identity. She sleeps with one eye open. And she travels through the day with one eye shut. She’s actually been wounded. So she’s covering up one of her eyes.”

If you had to come up with a persona, what type of personality would you have and what would your name be?

I didn’t have another persona, but I did have a fake name on my fake ID waaaaaaay back when.  I was Eldra Soul.  I was in love with El DeBarge at the time and I thought Soul was a good last name.  It worked a few times, until it got taken away and I got a $100 fine.  BOOOOOOOOO

Her new album features 15 tracks and has features from Diplo, Maluma, and the rapper Future.

The previously released tracks, “Medellín,” “Crave” and “I Rise” are also on the album.

This is the Queen of Pop’s first album since 2015’s “Rebel Heart” and you can expect to see Madonna on the road supporting the album with a tour that begins in September.