Woody Harrelson Debuts Holistic Spirits

Woody Harrelson is co-founding a plant-based spirits company that focuses on sustainability and transparency.
The actor, long-time vegan, and environmentalist has joined forces with wellness entrepreneur Amy Holmwood to launch the Holistic Spirits Company.
The new company seeks to offer consumers a ‘better way to drink’ by using sustainable distilling methods and ‘thoughtfully sourced’ plants and botanicals.
The venture debuts with two products, Origen Vodka and Harmony Gin, which aim to ‘redefine the way people think about vodka or gin.’
The spirits are made with ‘power-packed’ ingredients including artichoke leaves, elderberries, green tea leaves, and muscadine grapes.
They also contain no sugar, artificial flavors or colors, and no GMOs.
Is healthy alcohol a double-edged sword? How?