Wordle Tops Most-Searched Google Terms of 2022

The most-searched term on Google this year may surprise you.
While people were certainly Googling election results and the war in Ukraine, one term ranked at the top.
“Wordle” beat out every other search term in U.S. searches.
“Election results” ranked second, while “Ukraine” ranked third.
“I would say what made Wordle trend higher was that it was something that consistently captivated people throughout the year,” Google Trends Data editor Simon Rogers said to The Washington Post. “There were moments within the year such as the invasion of Ukraine and the passing of Her Majesty the Queen where those terms spiked much higher. But people’s love for the game remained consistent, because for many people, the game has been a daily highlight or pick-me-up.”
Did you play Wordle this year? What do you think is your most-searched Google term of 2022?