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Would You Enjoy Cup Noodles For Breakfast?

Cup Noodles is now selling BREAKFAST-FLAVORED RAMEN that tastes like sausage, eggs, pancakes, and maple syrup.  They say it’s supposed to be like a “classic diner breakfast in a cup.”

They announced it yesterday, and they’ll be available at select Walmarts for a limited time.  Each cup is $1.18.  Someone who spotted them on shelves posted a photo on Reddit.  So yes, they appear to be real.

The label says it’s all “artificially flavored.”  But the company says there are also “visible ingredients” of sausage and eggs.  They say it’s even better if you add extra syrup.

It’s their second limited-edition flavor.  Their first was a pumpkin spice version they put out two years ago.

(CNN / PR Newswire)