Would You Pay Someone To Make All Your Decisions For A Month?

Ummmmm, for me that’s a YES!  Sometimes – a lot more than I would like to admit – my brain goes on strike and I can’t make a decision.  I was at the grocery store the other day, I had a list, yet I was still way overwhelmed by this HUGE STUPID ROOM OF INGREDIENTS THAT I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH! So I ended up just buying some Diet Coke and sushi and left.

Well there is a lady that thinks it is so hard to make decisions and choices that she is willing to pay someone $2500 to make all of her decisions for an entire month.

She actually posted an ad after she suffered a bad year in 2018.  She lost money after loaning it to a friend, got stranded on a backpacking tour and also was in an abusive relationship.

She feels that if connecting with someone to control things, especially if they have any psychic abilities, would be worth the investment.

Would you hire someone to help you out?