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Would You Willingly Release Cockroaches In Your Home?

A company in North Carolina has an exciting offer:  If you allow them to come into your home and release 100 cockroaches. they’ll give you a check for $2,000.    The company is called The Pest Informer, and they’re trying to test out “a specific pest control technique” and see how effective it is.  And they need volunteers.   5 to 7-homeowners will be selected. In addition to the infestation, you’ll also have to consent to filming and monitoring in your home  so they can track all the roaches.   The experiment lasts about 30 days and the Pest Informer PROMISES that you’ll be rid of the roaches by the end.  If their new technique doesn’t work, then they’ll use “traditional cockroach treatment options at no cost to you.”    They didn’t describe the new technique, but they say it’s family and pet safe.  Would you do it?