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WOW! Prince William Had Covid-19!

According to the Daily Mail Prince William contracted the coronavirus around the same time his father, Prince Charles, and the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson were also diagnosed with the virus.

William’s diagnosis was kept secret as to not alarm the public. Williams was sick back in April just as Britain saw daily deaths and over 50,000 cases.

The duke was treated by palace officials and quarantined, however, he still kept up his engagements via video phone conferences and telephone calls. Prince William held 14 work-related socially distant appearances while he was ill.

‘There were important things going on and I didn’t want to worry anyone,’ William said at an engagement according to The Sun. A source spoke about Prince Williams’ coronavirus diagnosis saying, ‘As a result of his own experiences, he realizes absolutely anyone can catch this awful disease and knows how imperative it is that we all take this second lockdown seriously.’

Do you think public officials should make their health reports regarding the coronavirus public?