‘Yellowstone’ Premiere Spoilers

‘Yellowstone’ Premiere Delivers Two Shocking Deaths

(Warning: Spoilers Ahead) “Yellowstone” debuted on Sunday night (September 17) on CBS. The first episode revealed two shocking deaths that set the stage for a season of drama.

The episode titled “Daybreak” follows the Dutton family as they fight for their land against developers who want to come in and take over.

Some of the Dutton family’s cattle wonder off their land and onto a reservation after a piece of the fence is cut. The Dutton’s stage a late-night raid to reclaim their cattle, which forces the youngest Dutton son, Kayce, to choose between his reservation family and the Duttons.

In the battle, Dutton’s oldest son, Lee, is shot and killed, and his killer, Robert, is killed by Kayce. The episode ends with a funeral for Lee and the family, vowing to continue to fight for their land.

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