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YES! I Would Totally Wear A Bean Bag Chair!

A company in Japan has created WEARABLE beanbag chairs . . . and they’re ridiculous.

The clearest way to explain them is that you’ll look like Grimace, the purple McDonald’s character.  They go on over your head . . . like a sweater . . . but they’re basically like wearing a “fat suit.”

The idea is that whenever you’re tired . . . which you WILL be if you’re carrying around all this extra weight . . . you can just plop down anywhere and you’ll be in a beanbag chair.

They come in four different colors . . . moss green, natural beige, mocha, and charcoal gray . . . and three different sizes.  The child size is about $60 . . . the medium is $80 . . . and the large is about $120.  That one weighs 11 pounds.

For now, they’re mostly only being sold in Japan . . . but something tells me there’d be a market for this silliness in the U.S.

(Japan Today)