You Can Play Pac-Man On Pizza Hut’s New Box Thanks To Augmented Reality

It’s Friday night in the 80s and go you with the fam to your local Pizza Hut. Of course the first thing you do is order the pizza, but second, you jump on the classic Pac Man arcade game. You can’t get that back, but you can relive it a little bit thanks to Pizza Hut’s newest campaign. This is how it works: The pizza boxes have the Pac Man maze and contain a QR code that lets you play using your smartphone. Easy! A Pizza Hut spokesperson said “The campaign is a reminder of the chain’s heyday, when its dine-in restaurants were popular destinations for pizza loving customers”. Do you remember going to Pizza Hut and playing Pac Man while waiting for your pizza? What was your favorite arcade game? What was the highest score you ever got on Pac Man?