Featured Story | Tracy St. George

You TOO, Domino’s?! Plant Based Pies?! I’m Gonna Pass.

Plant-based pepperoni or sausage might be coming to your pizza.

Domino’s is internally testing vegan toppings to have with your pie.

Company CEO Richard Allison told Yahoo Finance, “If (plant-based toppings) prove to have consumer appeal and are items we could offer at a good value to the customers and be profitable for the franchisees, and if there is a good stable supply for those products, you may see some of them on the Domino’s menu.”

Domino’s already offers plant-based options in some overseas locations. Pizza Hut is currently testing vegan sausage at one location in Arizona.

Would you try vegan toppings on a pizza? What is your best pizza combination with no meat on it?