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Your Fist Could Earn You Big Bucks

A whiskey company is planning to pay big bucks to one handy spokesperson.  Fistful of Bourbon has launched a casting call to find its “spokesfist,” and the gig is going to pay $100,000.. The open casting call is being called “The Search for the $100,000 Fist,” and the person who is ultimately selected for this role will have to appear in future print, video and social media campaigns. Additional role obligations are to be detailed in the winner’s contract.  Aside from the generous payout, Fistful of Bourbon will award its spokesfist with a custom-designed bottle in addition to hand spa treatments and workouts.  The brand, owned by William Grant & Sons, will also connect the spokesfist winner with “a top Hollywood   hand model to keep the prized fist looking good, fit and ready for the spotlight.   Want to register, here’s the link:  https://fistfulofbourbon.com/spokesfist